Fanart update! Maryssa sent me a drawing of Selkie and Amanda wear the hypothetical lime green and tangerine dresses:

Thank you, Maryssa!

↓ Transcript
Selkie: So, you'res really into this. It's a bigs deal, huh?

Amanda: Yeah!

Amanda: You don't think it is?

Selkie: We'res just standings in a line, rights?

Amanda: Yeah, but we also get to dress up really nice! And hear everyone say how cute we look!

Selkie: I don'ts think I've EVER beens calleds cute. Maybe once as a joke.

Amanda: TryingRealHardNotToThinkAboutHowThatsProbablyMyFault.

Selkie: Coulds you repeat that, I hads something guilty ins my ear.

Her father and grandmother have called her cute a few times, but sometimes the positive instances just don't stick in your memory.