Indoor Dining still exists in the Selkie setting because I’m not bringing that thing into the story.

↓ Transcript
Seamstress (VO): Next for measurements!

Amanda: Oooh ooh! ME ME!

Todd: So, Steve didn't want to come?

Marta: For the dresses? Hell no.

Marta: Dad took Steve to hold our table at the restaurant and do some "bonding"

Theo: Now you TELL ME, son! Are you ready to marry my daughter?!

Steve: YES SIR!

Theo: I don't FEEL IT! Gimme some gusto!


Theo: Still not FEELING IT, soldier!

Steve: YES! SIR!

Todd: You let Dad and Steve go alone? They'll be thrown out before we ever get seated.

Marta: They better not. If I don't get three pints and at least five-hundred-thousand scovilles of wings, they get to deal with Hangry Marta.

I lost a lot of my spicy tolerance after taking a Wing Challenge that gave me an upset stomach for four hours.