When 40-somethings shove pop culture references into the mouths of 20-somethings, occasionally references are needed:

↓ Transcript
AMANDA writes in her notebook, as she waits her turn for measurements.
"And Wondergirl walked into the stage. She wanted to sing her new song."

MARTA (VO): Hey there. How's it going?

AMANDA: Hi, Aunt Marta!

MARTA: Hey there, youngling. Been measured yet?

AMANDA: No, not yet. I can't wait, though! I wanna see what the dresses look like!

MARTA: Well, the wedding colors are lime green, lime green, and tangerine. So you can imagine that, if it helps.

AMANDA: THOSE colors? Really?

MARTA: Yep. Like the snakes and devils in my dreams.


TODD: She's joking, sweetie. Those are lyrics from a song that's so old, Aunt Marta shouldn't even know it exists.

MARTA (sticking out her tongue): Todd, the first song you spewed out of your guitar was when Dad taught you Tom Sawyer, don't you give me this shade.

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