I direct the jury’s attention to the bag of Biological Waste marked Exhibit A.

↓ Transcript
Te Fahn: I killeds him... I'm a murderer!

Selkie: You're nots a murderer. ...I thinks.

Selkie: I'M the murderer! Georgie ate the snails because I tolds him too. I wanteds to help him impress you.

Selkie (VO): But now I gots him sick, and he's already mad at me for being rude about stuff, and I'm being a bad friend all overs the place.

Te Fahn: Selkie, you're NOTS a bad friend! Honest.

Selkie: You sure?

George (VO): Eugh...

Selkie: Because there is a full toilet of evidence that says I ams.

Te Fahn: Ok, that's just... EEW.

"So... can we go back to the part where George wanted to impress me...?"