Happy New Year 2021! May this year be better than the last. Low bar to pass, but I still hope it.


(Today’s Afternoon Update brought to you by mixed drinks and Death Whistles.)

↓ Transcript
Te Fahn: Selkie, you're fines! I promise.

Selkie: Ifs you say sos...

George: Sel, why're YOU moping?

George: I'm the one who'll be tasting snail vomit until the day I die.

Lisa: He'll be fine. Just a bad case of poor life choices and melodrama.

George: I'm sorry I didn't like your food, Te Fahn.

Te Fahn: It's okay, George.

Te Fahn: J-Just means mores for me! Sweet, gooey treats for me.

George: Duuude, I JUST got done puking!

I've missed the mildly-innappropriately-snarky secretary.