Hello, everyone. I made it back. 😉 Thank you, once more, for your understanding and kindness. I hope I didn’t worry anyone too much. Getting back to regular work hours will help, though. >_>

↓ Transcript
George: I-I dunno about this, Sel...

Selkie: Georgie, relax. It's easy. ANDs, it'll makes a good impression. Hints hints.

George: Uuuh, hi Te Fahn.

Te Fahn: Hi, George. D-Do you wanna sits with me?

George: Yeah. Uh... do you remember earlier, the... snails...

Te Fahn: Oh, yeahs! Dids you want to try it?

George: Uuuuuuh... yeah...

Te Fahn: O-Okay! Heres. I-I hopes you like it.

[Location text] The Nurse's office. Five minutes later.

George (VO): *drippy vomit noises.*

Panel 5 is inspired by the time my Dad convinced my brother and I to try oysters. The fallout happened right at the table of the very nice restaurant, in full view of all diners. I can't eat them to this day.