I had a car wreck last night. Other driver’s fault. Bruised a bit but both parties walked away from it, nobody was hurt.

Still, as one sometimes does after such things, I feel like I should take a moment to be appreciative.

Thank you.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my comics. Whether it’s been for ten years or for ten minutes, I love and value your support. I hope to be drawing these for a long damn time to come, and I’m glad every day to see that you all enjoy following along for the ride.

Didn’t feel right to let the opportunity to say that pass, while I had it. Don’t bypasss your opportunities.

↓ Transcript
Selkie: So whats were you sayings to Mister Scar?

Todd: I was just giving him an olive branch.

Selkie: Hmmph. Good!
He deserves stinky vegetables.

Todd: Selkie, "olive branch" means "peace offering."

Selkie: Wells... I still stands by the stink thing.

Selkie: Hmmmmm...

Selkie: Okays, okays. I guess Mom dids zap him, ands he's being okay abouts it.
So... let him eats olives, or whatevers.

Unless it's the opportunity to eat chocolate-covered bacon. Pass on that. Every time. You'll thank me later when you don't lose a small portion of your sanity.