Gien’s such a pain in the ass, you could sell him donkey hemorrhoid cream.

↓ Transcript
Scar: Yes, yes Gien. Am happy to be supporting of this.
But, why are you changing of minds now?

Gien: What are you talking about?

Scar: When I was asking of seeking assistance from the humans, you were opposed.

Gien: BAH! Why would I EVER say such a thing!
I have a celebration to return to, and I'll not have you souring my good mood with your fabrications. Good day.

Scar: ...Spirits strengthen my peacefulness.

Scar: That man is giving pains in backside in areas that have never known touching, yes?

Scar's voice collar can swap between english and tensei, but it has to be taken off first to do so, which is a pain in the neck to do.