I have been getting SLAMMED with spam comments over the past two days. Woke up to 50 comments queued for moderation that all said generic things like “This makes everything so completely panliess.” (actual quote), and link to Bing or Google or Yahoo or Facebook, and after I got back from classes today there were 70 more of the things. Somebody is using me to falsify link traffic I think. >_<

I wanna let you guys know that if a comment you made is not showing up, I may have accidentally triggered it during my berserker fury on the Delete button. So just let me know if there’s any issues.

On a happy note, I got my first homework assignment of the semester. I am taking an Art for the Web class, and the assignment is to create five internet meme images. I’d like to run a sample of my Belle Quotes Neitzsche series by you:

I think a class that starts the semester by asking you to google internet memes holds promise for being a fun time. 😀

I try not to do the "talking with a closed mouth" thing a lot of comics seem to do (even the professional ones!), but I enjoy Selkie's pursed lips face in panel 2 too much. :D