If Panel 1 is unclear to you, just a reminder that Jessie is a mostly-out lesbian.

Apologies for the late comic. I received some very kind emails and Facebook/Twitter PMs expressing concern, and I want to make sure I tell everyone that I’m completely fine.

The reason for the comic being late is completely foolish, but it’s the unfortunate truth: I got really bad writer’s block last night.

The comic you see here is the result of some eleventh hour re-drawing editing and general rewriting to cut out some unnecessary fluff from the next few pages because I realized, rather deep into the current strip, that the next two pages (initially planned to be Selkie chasing Te Fahn to try and argue her side of things) really didn’t strictly need to happen since they were kind of over-communicating the tension between them.

Basically, I started redrawing this strip, working in some elements of the next pages to condense it (like Todd’s attempt at being supportive in Panel 4), then realized it was Four God Damn A M, and I opted to take a pre-work nap at that point.

So.. that’s my drama for the week. Hows you?

Thank you for the kind thought, whoever recommended the Neti Pot, but that thing was an ungodly nightmare of an experience and I know know what it's like to drown in the ocean.