The first two panels are a portion from The Adventures of Sue and Kathryn, Selkie’s favorite cartoon. It really HAS been a long day if she’s nodding off during Sue and Kathryn.

Few things to talk about today. Firstly, I have been getting absolutely flooded with spam comments the past few days (over 200 just in the time I was at school yesterday! It almost feels like a deliberate targeting…). Complete gibberish, or vaguely generic “replies” that have links to Google or Yahoo or Bing. I am going to undertake some anti-spam measures, but I want to find a solution that won’t inconvenience all of you actual readers too much. The math problem captcha was working really well, but I think it’s been compromised. I’ve changed it to a different math captcha for the time being, if that doesn’t work I will try other measures.

I want to avoid anything drastic like shutting down comments on old strips (sometimes new readers like to drop comments on older comics, I’d hate to take away that option) or requiring my approval to comment (I’m afraid of accidentally blocking a legitimate person from comments). If I make any anti-spam changes beyond a new math captcha I’ll let everyone know.

Oh, also. I’ve cut back a lot of the spam floods by blacklisting the words “google” “yahoo” and “bing”. (they post with fake replies and link back to major search engines, I suppose to create fake traffic? Not sure why linking to already-well known sites is beneficial for the spammers). If you use a email address which includes google yahoo or bing to post, you may get tossed into the spam box. I’ll do my best to make sure any real people that get tossed in the spam comments gets properly reinstated, but try to avoid those three words if possible.

I’ve also been setting up a block on IP addresses used by spammers, so if you get some kind of message saying your IP is blocked… check for spyware.

On a happier note! I got two lovely pieces of Fan Art to share today!
Courtesy of Kayte and E.R. (in order):

Thank you both!

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.