I have a confession to make to all of you. I did not specify why Fehn (the leathersmith) called Selkie’s first choice of leathers morbid in the previous strip, because I was curious what the thoughts and speculation on that would be. So, thanks for entertaining my curiosity. 😉

The reason is because the symbol on the leathers Selkie was looking at is called the Fangs of the Father. It’s a symbol that relates to the darker aspect of Han Shin Jian Tho, the prime Spirit of the sarnothi pantheon. He’s known to devour sarnothi as well as bestow his blessings upon them, and the Fangs of the Father is a symbol of humility and penance which in human terms more or less means, “Be good, or God will eat you.”

A symbol that warns about imminent death isn’t something Fehn feels is appropriate for a child to wear. The Jin’Sorai patron Kan Ge Tho is an overall more pleasant entity.

Really the only way to Kan Ge Tho's bad side is to diss his slime trail.