Due to airport hiccups (and forgetting to bring my tablet to Reno) I’m afraid I have just one more “Dave is On the Road But Wants to Keep Story Progression Rolling” Art-Lite update today. Back at full power Wednesday. (Also, I’ve updated Friday’s Art Lite update to be more like this one, with blue pencils. It’s cleaner than the one I had to post by taking a photograph off my phone in Dallas Fort-Worth on layover. XD)

SNAFU-Con was a blast! It was so great meeting Jade and Trevor from Shards in person, and I loved getting to meet some of you awesome readers! Thanks for stopping by my table in Reno. 😀

And to any new readers who are checking out Selkie after hearing my elevator pitch at SNAFU-Con, welcome! Hope you like it, and please be advised the blue pencils are not the norm for updates. XD

New math; so simple only a child can do it.