And the Triceratops Biker is… REVEALED. ๐Ÿ˜€

Ever since the playdate arc where George came to visit Selkie and the Ikaris popped in and joined the game, I've felt like my usage of them extends beyond geeky paradoic reference humor. They popped in to play board games, Asuka teaches Selkie german... at this rate, I don't feel like they're "just" humorous nods; they're basically supporting cast in their own right by this stage. So I've essentially decided to make them more stand-alone and more... "mine"; mostly with some palette alterations and some light design modifications (Asuka's bangs are more like how I draw everyone else's bangs, now). I was also going to change their surname to something else, probably Horaki. But I don't think that much retconning is necessary.