Just another reminder to those interested/nearby the Reno Nevada area that I will be in the artist alley of SNAFU-Con at the end of October. I’ve put a little sticky note in the sidebar for reference.

Oh, and the landslide winner of the Silly Outfit vote was Triceratops Biker. It should be appearing in Friday’s strip. :3

So while putting together this next arc I realized I'd overlooked a timeline blunder: Selkie unleashes the Cell Phone Gambit on a Monday, then on the following day (a Tuesday) has the final confrontation followed with a dream sequence. Originally I wanted the strategy meeting to take place on the Tuesday of that week because the PTA meeting is on Wednesday evening. HOWEVER, I wrote a dream sequence as the ending scene of that whole bit, which suggests the finale piece takes place Tuesday night... which I realized too late means that for the strategy meeting to happen on a Tuesday, the comic's narrative has to make some awkward and clumsy timeline skips if the next arc takes place AFTER the first 95% of the previous arc but BEFORE the last 5%. Requires less narrative juggling to have both the strategy coffee AND the PTA meeting happen on the Wednesday of the week this all takes place in. If that gives Todd Selkie and Mina a very very busy Wednesday, well c'est la vie. :3