So I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I’ve dropped the ball and slacked off a little on Selkie background stuff. I got a little teensy bit “called out” on Friday for a lack of Selkie-themed merch in my Society6 store. I had something in the pipe in May (a larger version of the bookmark artwork I drew for ACEN) and… well here we are almost July and it hasn’t been shirtified yet. Woops. 😡

I’ve set up a workflow to get kraken on finishing that, but I’ve also started a couple other things I thought I’d share with you all while I am here. Based on popular feedback I am also sketching out a t-shirt based on the “Selkie Selfie” panel from Friday. It’s only in a very (very VERY) rough stage right now, but it should look cute when it’s done.

I know some of you like seeing the “in progress” artwork, so thought I’d share a small teaser. This is what Selkie drawings look like before I ink/color/polish/etc. This is NOT how the t-shirt design will look.

I also started a drawing sometime last week that isn’t directly Selkie related but I’ve put it in my to-do list to also finish up and get in print for those that may like cute stuff. This is the linework, colors and etc. are not done yet.

And while I hate to end this on a worrisome note, I like to try and inform people if I know ahead of time that there may be comic interruptions. I got a new job and am transitioning over the next two weeks away from my overnight cashiering gig. It means working on my off days at the new place while I serve two-weeks notice. I think I can keep Selkie going on normal speed during the next two weeks, this is just a warning notice in case I mess up. Again. XD

One of this whole arc's first scenes to pop in my head was Selkie willingly handing over her phone in panel 5. In the initial drafts it was the final panel of a strip.