Got a fanart from Saokara yesterday of Selkie’s Happy Face:

Thanks for the nightmares, Saokara!

This library scene went through two versions before I arrived at this final sequence of events. Version 1 was more physically aggressive. Truck tried to jump Selkie, she ran away. She climbed the bookshelves and taunted him by running from shelftop to shelftop, using misdirection and trickery to confuse and bewilder him as to her location. I think it would have made for a fun sequence, but it would have gotten Selkie in a hell of a lot of trouble to be jumping across bookshelves like Batman. Version 2, Truck wanted to sit and talk with her instead of wanting to pick a fight with her. Conversation entailed Truck demanding Selkie apologize for kicking him, with threats to keep hurting her friends if she didn't. The whole thing was just a bit more sinister and methodical than I felt was fitting for Tommy and it didn't really fit with any of his pre-established behaviors. Plus the whole concept of "assaulter demanding his target apologize for defending herself" was just a bit too creepy to go through with and not really something that feels right for the character's age range to be doing.