Lineart on this one is complete crap because my scanner isn’t working, so I had to take a picture of the drawn page with my cell phone. It makes a compelling argument for going back to computer-inking, I tell you what.

WARNING: I might need to miss one of the updates next week. Monday’s should be no problem to make but Friday’s is almost a guarantee that I’ll have to post filler, and maybe Wednesday too depending on how things go.

I’ll let you know.

An early draft of panel 4 was a dream sequence bit I cut out from a much earlier point in the comic. In that original draft, Plo Quar (her mother) shifted to a 1930s cartoon style complete with big white gloves and noodle-arms, gave Selkie a left-handed salute while saying, "So long, Screwy! See ya in Saint Louie!" before jet rocket flames erupted from her feet and she blasted off into the dreamscape's stratosphere. It's a really fun idea, but I think a simpler rendering distracts less from what the imagery suggests about Selkie's inner thoughts.