Gonna be picking up some of the secondary threads again here.

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So something you all may not know about me is that I occasionally commit the greatest internet hubris; googling myself. More specifically, I sometimes google Selkie to see if I can stumble on anything interesting. Sometimes I find mentions in forum threads or on blogs that show me people are out there spreading the love (and thank you so much for doing that!) However, this go-around, I stumbled on two Selkie fanarts on DeviantArt that were wholly unfamiliar to me! If I somehow missed these in my inbox earlier, I apologize for the oversight. And if they were never sent out, I hope you don’t mind me sharing them now. As you all may or may not know, I LOVE sharing fanart. :3

By RainbowRandomness

and by Philomele

Thank you both so much for making these!

I tweaked my background texture brush to be more random in it's orientation so the spread of texturing feels less patterned and clumpy. The pink emotive panel is also using a new watercolor-ish brush I made that selects colors semi-randomly along preset fore and background colors (pink and white, in this instance).