The PDF version of the Selkie Volume 1 ebook… is HERE!!

You can purchase the ebook through either the shopping cart or through a Paypal button I’ve included. The direct Paypal button is a little easier, but both options work. If there’s any problems or if you want to use non-Paypal payment methods, as always don’t hesitate to contact me.

Got a small non-Selkie extra I also feel like sharing today. I am having a resurgence of interest in an old sci-fi/fantasy story idea of mine. Nothing concrete yet, just tinkering with background world-setting and a rough chapter outline. The idea dates back to my high school days, and two years before I started Selkie I began drawing a Cover Page then shelved it to work on the story more. Yadda yadda yadda, still haven’t done much with the idea, but it’s biting into my brain again.

If anything comes of it I’ll let you know, but for now, a peek into stuff from my head. One was drawn directly in Photoshop about five years ago, the other was drawn in my sketchbook two weeks ago.

Euphemia Tarenberg grew up reading Lovecraft and likes her horror stories eldritch. Also, regarding the six players Selkie refers too, The Haunted House is a six-player game. There are multiple ways to win, some more challenging than others. Baron Khan is a six-player challenge mode.