George’s anguish makes me laugh. I’d feel horrible for that if this bit wasn’t inspired by real life events.


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Status update on the Selkie ebook: I have the content compiled and I’ve made a PDF version I am happy with, but it is 6mb too large to host through this site. Trying to get a workaround ASAP. Also trying to figure out formatting errors that are preventing me from publishing it to Nook and iStore through Lulu. Might publish through Blurb instead, we’ll see which one I get working first. XD

The ebook covers the first 46 strips (the “Adoption Day” introductory arc), plus a three-page short story originally created in 2011 for the Japan Needs Heroes fundraiser which features a toddler Selkie and her mother when they were taking refuge in a farmhouse pond.

I have the inside-my-character's-heads background thinking that George, when he met Asuka in the hallway earlier, thought she was really pretty. And now she's giving the "accident" line.