Today some jerk turns thirty-one. Congratulations. You jerk.

(I’m the jerk.)

Also, if you do not normally read the Director Commentary, check out today’s. It’s a bit of a long spiel about the Haunted House game Selkie and George are setting up. If you’re curious.

A few readers correctly guessed that the Haunted House game Selkie and George are playing was inspired by Betrayal at House on the Hill. I don't have it detailed out enough to be a fully-fleshed out game, but I made enough details up for the characters to be able to talk about it, and to give it my own flavor instead of just quoting someone else's material. XD The game features up to six characters, Chad Tommy Larry Carrie Tina and Lucy, each one possessing four statistics: Muscle Brains Charm and Health. Each one also has a special ability unique to them and is strong in one stat but weak in the others. Chad and Carrie are Muscle and specialize in direct combat. Larry and Lucy are Brains and specialize in evasion disarming traps and solving puzzles. Tina and Tommy are Charm and specialize in confusing or even recruiting enemies. The game has multiple victory conditions and part of the challenge is figuring out what sort of victory condition the other players are aiming for, while working towards victory yourself in some way or another. Escape is a co-operative victory where you work together, avoid dying, and escape the House. without getting caught or killed. Save the World involves figuring out Baron Khan's Evil Plan and thwarting it, whether through combat or trickery. Judas is a victory condition where you defect to work WITH the Baron, and aid in the death or capture of the other players. Last Man Standing involves killing the other players and escaping with your own life. It can cross over with a Judas victory.