So, if the last panel of today’s strip feels like it’s coming a bit out of nowhere, you’re not incorrect. The last panel was originally very similar to the first one, but then I had a thought. “Wouldn’t an orphanage in a (albiet fictitious) major city have more than just seven or so kids?” So I hit the sketchbook to expand our secondary character roster a bit. Say hello to Kiesha, Moonsong, Wu, and Sandy.

(I have no idea how a six year old boy gets to be named Moonsong, but in his position I’d probably have early onset goth syndrome too. At least he isn’t getting into eye liner yet.)

Also, this is probably just me over thinking things, but I am worried that with the hazel eye color, Ricky looks like he has cataracts. So for the record, Ricky is not vision-impaired.

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.