Comic update, line art again, going to need to get caught up. Tree limb was removed, still need to juggle insurance stuff to get the awning repaired. I’m just glad living spaces weren’t impacted.

Going to try to get the last two comics back-colored while also getting back on track-ish with updates. It’s still a bit chaotic where I am, we had 30 minutes of incredibly violent stormfall last Thursday and 20% of the city still has no power as a result. Lots of fallen tree limbs and whole fallen trees still on the sides of roads. It’s nuts.

Also small tentative announcement, as you may know Twitter has decided to limit the amount of posts unverified people can see and ALSO restrict the viewing ability of people not logged in to Twitter. This means (1) I will be losing eyes on my comic posts and you all who use Twitter for updates may miss my posts entirely and (B) the Sidebar plugin I use to let my Twitter posts show on the website for updates, general information, and occasional rants, is apparently no longer usable for those that aren’t on Twitter.

It’s not ready yet, but I am preparing a tumblr page at to possibly replace the Twitter feed as a source for update notices, if these Twitter changes aren’t backpedaled. More info on that as it develops.

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.