I honestly thought I was being parodic with Andi’s boss, until I joined a subreddit where people share bad work experiences. Aaaaand holy crap, some employers are off their rockers.

↓ Transcript
TODD: Okay, girls, lets get moving on breakfast.

AMANDA: Uuuggh...

SELKIE: Why’re you sos groan-y today?

AMANDA: Because I was grounded from TV all weekend, then Mom yanked me out of bed at four in the morning.

SELKIE: Maybe she's a superhero, ands the Cat Signal went offs.

AMANDA: Shut up.

TODD: Amanda's mom got called into an "Emergency Meeting", Selkie. She had to go to work.

SELKIE: Superheroing IS work. Just sayings.

AMANDA: Dad, please. Don't make me deal with her without either coffee or candy.

Background info / lore notes: Selkie's May 24th Birthday is actually the day she was dropped off at the orphanage. They had no other sources to derive a birthday from. Plo Quar wouldn't even kow becuse she was on the run when she had Selkie and didn't really have a way to track calendar passage. Therefore, Selkie's TRUE birthday is lost information. But no one's told her that because it's kinder to just let her have a dedicated day for herself.