Amanda doesn’t have Selkie’s Sneak modifiers.

↓ Transcript
SELKIE: Good match.

TEHK: Yeah, yeah. And thanks or whatever for fixing the thing.

TEHK: Maybe you're okay. Maybe.

SELKIE: Heh. Don'ts do me any favors, Freckles.

TEHK: And tell Amanda to stop spying.

AMANDA: I’m just trying to figure out why you’re threatening me.

TEHK: Already told Selkie. Ask her, I'm not repeating myself.

AMANDA: Yeah well, don’t ever scare me again, or I’ll get scary.

TEHK: Ugh, dude why are you so CRINGE?!


TEHK: Ugh...

One day I'll write an arc where people aren't spying around corners. One day. But not this day.