Return of the bubble backdrop

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ANDI: If you're feeling up for it, why don't we get some milkshakes on the way home, to settle your stomach.

AMANDA: Sure, thanks Mom.

JESSIE: Hey uh... look, I'm really sorry, and I understand if I crossed a huge line and if you don't want me around I--


ANDI: Jess, you were worried for my kid's welfare, and Amanda took the "reveal" well. I'm not mad, you adorable trainwreck.

AMANDA: I think seeing that kiss got me three As.

ANDI: Kiddo, hard stop on that okay? It's not funny.

AMANDA: AArrgh. Okay.

JESSIE: ...Also telling anyone at school is against the rules, okay?

AMANDA: Fine. But I'm getting the BIG milkshake.

The milkshake is lemonade flavor with sourballs mixed in.