Amanda, no extortion. You’re post-character-growth.

↓ Transcript
ANDI: Can we be serious a moment?

AMANDA: No. Hee hee.

ANDI: I'm glad you seem to be taking this well.

AMANDA: Why wouldn't I?

ANDI: I didn't know how to ask you what your feelings were about me dating.

AMANDA: It's okay. Plus, I'm gonna get better grades now.

JESSIE (VO): NOT like THAT, you aren't!

JESSIE: I'm really sorry to barge this in on you, Mister Smith.

TODD: Don't worry about it.

POHL: Since that seems settled may I, as physician, make a small suggestion?

POHL: Have Amanda stay the night here, for observation.

Todd's grateful for something to distract the conversation, frankly.