Chit-chat time.

Watch the comic drawing process here:

↓ Transcript
POHL (VO): I asked you to set your hand on your head earlier because I used the flow coming form you as a temporary anchor. This should be a more sustainable version of that.

POHL: Don't take this hairclip off, or you'll get the screaming worms again.


TODD: Amanda, are you going to be okay?

AMANDA: I don't know...

TODD: Why don't we all go sit down and talk it out. You too, sweetie?

SELKIE: Fines...

TODD: I can refill the snack plates first, if anyone needs chit-chat treats.

SELKIE: I'ms good.

AMANDA: Make mine spicier. I need to tell my stomach whose boss.

Burn the insolence from it's protective lining. Make the gut flora scream for mercy.