So, bit of a new thing I’m trying with this one. STREAMING!

I set up a Twitch channel here. I think I’d like to try my hand at streaming the comic drawing sessions. Don’t have a defined time set for a schedule yet but evenings for sure, with the next comic (Friday’s) being streamed this Thursday evening.

Here is a link to my test/starter/debugging stream, where I drew today’s comic and chatted with a member of the Discord who happened to catch me active:

↓ Transcript
PERTURBED COP: Ma’am, please stop kicking the body.

AMANDA: Detective Granny's mean to dead people.

TODD: She plays by her own rules.


TODD: Amanda?!

AMANDA: Ow, ow! Turn that down!

AMANDA: Why did this show get so LOUD?!

SELKIE: I think it's workings! I can hears it more now.

POHL: Yes, good! I'm starting to get a bounce-back. That's good, by the way.

SELKIE: I love bouncings!

And then the body yelled "stop it!" and Detective Granny solved the murder by proving the killer was faking his own death. Either that or necromancy.