Sarnoth history tells of a war fought between Echoes and normal sarnothi to flip control of the city. Things got crazy.

↓ Transcript
TODD: Pohl, hold up! Are you saying if she were still in Sarnoth, she'd be thrown into some shady "camp"?

POHL: Only if she were a threat of mis-using her abilities. Of causing harm, or insurrection.

POHL: I know Scar told you how he got his injuries. Imagine if Plo Quar had NOT been acting in self defense? What someone aggressively-minded could have done.

POHL: Sarnoth can be a bit more... "structured", than Americans are used too, but regarding us Echoes? It's generally for a good reason. No one benefits from a society where the laser-priests rule with impunity.

Laser-Priest is a Sue and Kathryn reference, if you haven't read it. Yes, they're bad guys.