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POHL: Do you remember what I've said before about Echoes in Sarnoth, Todd? Echoes are meant to serve.

POHL: We serve the interests of the people, of the city. Our abiliie are a gift form the Great Father, but they come with that responsibility attached to them. We serve the city.

POHL (VO): However, the weaponized potential of our abilities is NOT part of that. Echoes may only use that facet of the Resonance with the authorization of the Council or their direct subordinates. Well, FORMER Council now, I guess.

POHL (VO): That's one of the reasons Selkie's mother is listed as a war criminal: unsanctioned use of Resonance firepower.

POHL (VO): Echoes who don't obey the City's call to serve, or who threaten violence with their abilities, tend to be taken away for re-education. Some return... some don't.

POHL: But I want to stress, Selkie is in NO danger of that. She's outside the borders and authority of Sarnoth.

POHL: Besides, I don't think they're INTERESTED in reclaiming Echoes. Scar and I would have been the first ones they contacted if that were the case.

POHL: But if we WERE in Sarnoth, and she was making jokes about using lasers on people, drilling that habit out of her would be the first priority of her trainers.

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