“No homework, no chores.”

Oh no… noooooooo.

“And no watching the Bad Robots lady on Youtube.”


↓ Transcript
TODD: Selkie, you understand WHY I'm grounding you, right?

SELKIE: You hates fun?

TODD: Knock it off. I'm grounding you because lighting up at school and talking about using it as a weapon is NOT okay. You're learning how to use a tool, NOT a toy.

SELKIE: ... Okay. I'm sorry.

TODD: Now, go get ready for Mister Pohl.

SELKIE: I'm not grounded from training?!

TODD: I'm not grounding you from IMPORTANT stuff, you goon.

SELKIE: Jokes on you, I'd rather keeps that than TV!

TODD: Don't give me ideas.

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