Pandora is a 5-Star limited-time summon who will be powercreeped into uselessness in about six weeks.

↓ Transcript
ANDI: Todd, can you please explain chips and... water parks?

TODD: My sister got a treat for the girls.


ANDI: Yeah, that sounds fun. I’m good with it.


ANDI: Amanda, what? Did you think I'd hate it or something?

AMANDA: I dunno... maybe?

ANDI: I’m not freaking Cinderella’s Stepmother, kiddo. I’m fine with you having fun!

AMANDA: Then why can't I play games on your phone?

ANDI: Because "Pretty Puppy's Pajama Party" isn't a game, it's a casino.

AMANDA: But I just needed ten more pulls to get Pandora!

Damn you, Fire Emblem Heroes.