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MARI (VO): So, while we're on the subject of the wedding, I'm just curious Marta, why you're having it so far from home.

MARTA (VO): Well, Mom, Steve's family is in Michigan, it's going to be a road trip for one of our families no matter where we hold it.
Figured we may as well make it a destination wedding and inconvenience absolutely everybody equally.

TODD (VO): It sounds like a fun idea!

MARTA (VO): It better be!

AMANDA: Kinda quiet. You okay?

SELKIE: Yeah, just thinking.

AMANDA: So... are you not hungry, or....

SELKIE: Steals my fish at your own perils.

AMANDA: Well if you're gonna put your hands all over it...

As kids, my aunt once stabbed my mom in the hand with her fork for stealing food. It's serious business.