Gotta laugh it off, sometimes.

↓ Transcript
MARTA: Heeeey, fam. Sorry I'm late. I backtracked to give a seamstress an earful.

MARTA: ... Wait. Todd has his "Is Murder Legal Yet?" face. What happened?

STEVE: Oh, somebody at another table was being rude.

MARTA: Oh, oh wait, let me guess. Was it "Which one of you is the REAL kid?"

TODD: I have NO IDEA why they never guess me.

MARTA: "You know he's not your real brother, right?"

TODD: "Wildly inappropriate 'Step-bro, what are you doing?' joke."

MARTA (VO): "Did your actual parents not love you?"

TODD (VO): Oh, god, I forgot about that one.

MARTA (VO): Right?! Fastest break-up EVER.

TODD (VO): Didn't I keep one of his teeth?

MARTA (VO): You give me that trophy right now.

THEO: Heh.

Came this close to mentioning a dryer in panel 4.