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-EDIT- Font embiggened. I’m playing with different scaling methods, and miscalculated how much bigger the font needed to be.

↓ Transcript
AMANDA: Do they have those cheese mushrooms?

SELKIE: Chicken! Chicken, please!

TRACY: Did I just hear appetizer requests?

THEO: Ha ha, I think you did!

TRAY: OH! Hey wow, are you one of those “sarnothi” people?

SELKIE: Yes, ma’am. Fors the last eight years.

TRACY: Okay so, like, settle a bet? Do you REALLY only eat meat?

SELKIE: Plants makes me puke purple.

AMANDA: I can confirm this. I have witnessed the vivid violet violence.

TODD: Could we have a plate of the cheeseshrooms, a plate of grilled chicken fingers, and put the invasive questions on the side, please?

I've been unreasonably obsessed with sidecuts for a couple months now, finally found an excuse to put one in the comic.