I had escargot a couple times as a kid. Basically breadless popcorn-shrimp, except a bit more chewy.

↓ Transcript
Te Fahn: S-So, we had some humans visit the store? They wanted to try some sarnothi food. They wanted to get kenei with fenreshi.

George: Uh huh...

Te Fahn: Which is SO SILLY! You NEVER eat snails with bone salt!

Te Fahn: Uuuugh, salt ands snails is gross.

George: SNAILS?!

Te Fahn: Y-Yes! You grill them and eat them one-two-three-fifty. They're good!

Te Fahn: I b-broughts some for lunch. You can try some... if you want?

George: Uuuhh... okay, sure?

Selkie: Whens I ate a snail, everyone calleds me Slime Breath fors a week. Suddenly, now it's a snack? Siiiiiigh.

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