Away they go

↓ Transcript
George: Hey, guys. Good mor--- wooooah!

Te Fahn: H-Hello, George.

George: Hi, Te Fahn! How are you?

Te Fahn: I'm good!

Selkie: Hey, George? Got a sec?

George: See ya later, Sel. Te Fahn, you wanna walk to class?!

Te Fahn: S-Sure!

Selkie: Mrrgrrgrr...

George (VO): Hey, did you do something with your hair?

Te Fahm (VO): Uhhh... ha ha, yeah? A little?

I loved Bravely Default but still need to finish Bravely Second. Never finished Bravely Second because the resource copy-pasting excessively irritated me. On the fence about Bravely Default 2.