Taking advantage of the transcript for this one.


↓ Transcript
Todd: Selkie, you don’t need to stop being friends with ANYONE.

Todd: This is just a moment to start thinking about sensitivity. About how important it is to think about how your words and actions affect people.

Todd: When you see George and Keisha tomorrow, just tell them you're sorry. I'm sure they aren't so mad that they can't understand you didn't mean anything by it.

Todd: Don't feel like you have to make some big emphatic gesture, either. Just say "sorry" and invite them to play at recess. I'm sure you can work it out.

(Author's note) The text in this comic becomes increasingly obscured as Selkie's background "emotional spatter" overtakes the words being said. The transcript reflects words that may be obscured or even erased by Dave's artistic snobbery.

The stoplight is just there so nobody thinks Todd is leaning over to talk to Selkie mid-drive.