I am profusely sorry for the unannounced delay. I lost track of what I was doing this morning, and forgot to upload the comic before work.

Happy Lunch Break Update?

↓ Transcript
Selkie: Sos, our Grandpa wanted to show us how to makes wood into shapes.

Selkie: Mine kinds of looks likes a bone.

Amanda: I tried to make a knife. Grandpa said no.

Amanda: We compromised by cutting the pointy bit off.

Amanda: It looks really crappy, but he says “learning wood doesn’t count”, so whatever.

Selkie: I loves you, crappy bone.

Mina: Thank you, Selkie and Amanda, for the duo Show And Tell.

Mina: Please take your seats. Ron, your turn.

Selkie: Shoulds we haves mentioneds the duel?

Amanda: Oh, right, the “Battle of Bone and Blade”

Amanda: I’d rather NOT bring up how we almost lost Shop Privileges, thanks.

It's been a calendar year since Mina showed up, apparently. Damn, son.