Theo is not in favor of chainsaw sculpture at this juncture.

↓ Transcript
Heather: Wow, so you two really MADE those things?

Amanda: Yeah. Grandpa's trying to work us up to making a chair.

Amanda: Mom's Anger Therapy Guy thinks it's really about getting me to like making things more than I like smashing things.

Keisha: Amanda, I love you, but that is FAIR.

Amanda: I LIKE smashing things, though! I wanna get the chainsaw and throw wood bits EVERYWHERE.

Keisha: Ugh. I don't like when people like destroying stuff. It's creepy.

Amanda: Heeeeyyy... Keisha?

Keisha: Yeeeaaaah?

Amanda: Chainsaw go BRRRRR.

Keisha: Stoppit!

Chainsaw go BRRRR until it go GSHSHSHSHSH. Then the screaming happens.