Todd stole my joke.

Lineart Version, for those that like seeing these preserved.

↓ Transcript

Benny: Heya. Great job dancing out there.

Ke Ban: Aaaah! Thank you, Benny!

Benny: Sure, sure. So... I wanted to ask you something?

Benny: How would you two like to see what dancing on the surface is like, sometime?

Ke Ban: PFFT! Did you just ask me and my SISTER out on the SAME DATE?!

Benny: I'm up for it if you are, baby.

[Present time, diner]

Todd: I’m sorry to hear about your wax wings, Icarus.

Benny: Dude, if I COULD fly straight into the sun right now, I ******** WOULD.

Benny is sayng "hecking", but that's such strong lewd language, I had to censor it.