Yes, Then still exists.

↓ Transcript
Gien: K'Limdai. A word?

Scar: Aah! Gien!

Scar: Gien, I am promising of you, I was not bothering him. He was wishing to spekaing with me and--

Gien: Scar, calm down. I'm not here to berate you over the myriad terrible decisions you've chosen to call a life.

Gien: I simply wanted to tell you that I am going to be making some changes to the housing development plans.

It has been brought to my attention that our needs may be better served by expanding Havei Jin Suir to the surface surrounding this lake.

I will be working the details out with Then when he returns from his offices, but I wanted to ask for your support.

Agent Adverb, on duty.