Updated comic with completed lineart and coloring and sauciness.

I know some of you like to have the “early preview” samples preserved, so please enjoy.

↓ Transcript
Carrie: B-Benny, why d-don’ts you go asks one of thems t-to dance?

Benny: I have never been so choice-paralyzed in my life.

Selkie: So, you don’ts see that? The rainbow-y stuffs?

Sai Fen: You can see that?!

Selkie: You can sees it too, Miss Sai Fen?

Sai Fen (VO): No, but Pohl sometimes can. It’s a side-effect of being an Echo. He says it pops up sometimes when people feel very strong emotions.

Sai Fen: Seeing it means you’re making progress!! I can’t wait to tell him!

Selkie: Eeeee!

Avery: We probably have about ten minutes until Benny’s brain resets. Dance with me, love?

Carrie: Y-Yes.

Benny (tranced): Heads... tails... heads... tails...

Was going to have Benny use "eeny meeny miney moe", but I vaguely recall hearing that has questionable origins, so I opted out of it.