The knives don’t have the green here because it made more sense to me that they’d be powered off.

↓ Transcript
Sai Fen: Ooookay. Very close to done.

Sai Fen: Can either of you tell me, what is the last thing this statue needs?

Female Student: Uuummm... more smoothing?

Male Sculpture Student: Maybe we need to scratch our signatures on it?

Ke Ban (VO): A name! It needs a name!

Sai Fen: That's Righ... AAAAH!

Sai Fen (VO): You look so good!

Ke Ban: Aaaah, shimmers! Thank you, Miss!

Ke Nan: I can't wait to get this started!

Female Student and Male Student have names which have destined them for academia