Right in the ego.


(Benny’s face markings have been fixed, thank you all.)

↓ Transcript
Carrie: Selkie, I-I thinks you did a very g-goods job.

Carrie: Y-You communicateds yourself very well.

Carrie: G-Goods work.

Carrie: N-Nows, lets go backs to the town’s square.

Carrie: T-There’s a s-surprise there.

Benny: Shouldn’t we wait for Avery and... blonde guy? Seems a bit impatient to run off.

Carrie: B-Benny, I ams your mother. All the patience I haves, I-I reserve fors you.

Benny: Oh.

Benny: ...HEY!

Carrie: Hee hee.

Bam. Got him.