Want to give a shout-out to my friend Saokara, who assisted me with getting the former transcript-commentary moved to it’s new location across Selkie’s 1400-ish strip archive. Thank you, Saokara, you’re a life saver (and I probably mean that literally).

She also drew a quick sketch fanart I’d like to share as well. It’s called “The Echoes Are Angry”

↓ Transcript
Selkie: What do you think of my idea, sir?

Gien: Hmm...

Gien: You have given me much to think about.

Gien: Please excuse me. Enjoy the rest of your visit, Daughter of Jinโ€™Sorai.

Selkie: Okay! Bye!

Benny: How did you DO THAT?!

Selkie: Do whats?

"I was just sharing ideas, man, no idea what you mean."