Just a reminder, Te Fahn and Tehk and Rahn have been on the surface longer than their current placement in Selkie’s school. They took some preliminary study of English and basic social etiquette to help with assimilation.

↓ Transcript
Gien: You want us to move up on land? Impossible. We can’t survive on land long-term.

Selkie: Whaaaaat? I’ve been up there three years! And not just me.
My school has Tel’Dora and a Mor’Kama there.

Gien: The MOR’KAMA have a presence on the surface?!

Selkie: Yes, sir. But I don’t see any other Jin’Sorai yet.
Mister Gien? How do you feel about being the
last one to finish a race?

Gien: The only outcome I would consider worse...is realizing I didn’t even know I was losing.

Selkie: Yep, yep. Same.

Competitive natures know their own.