Felt that one in the ego.

↓ Transcript
Gien: So, that's... all the progress you've made? Off and on?

Selkie: Yeah.

Selkie: But I'm working really hard, to get better!

Selkie: And I have a lot of ideas for how I can help, and be a really good Echo!

Gien: Oh? And what would these ideas be?

Selkie: You know how it's just Mister Pohl and Mister Scar who are doing all of the work?

Gien: Of course. They are the Echoes. That is their responsibility.

Selkie: Well, I decided that's an INCREDIBLY STUPID IDEA!

Gien: ...You'll have to walk me through that one. Carefully.

"I'm gonna destroy this man's whole career" Selkie right now